Let go and let life flow with effortless ease.

About It’s Yoga! Studio

IT'S YOGA! Studio™ and Teacher Training Institute is registered with Yoga Alliance, the national yoga standards governing body.
Our instructors at It's Yoga! Studio maintain the highest level of personal practice, study and integrity on and off the mat. Our classes, workshops and retreats are designed to uplift and encourage all who enter our Studio, offering emotional growth, intellectual refinement and physical unfolding.

We offer:

Our method is tailored to your specific goals of health, physical fitness and strength training. We offer yoga for beginners through experienced practitioners, to tone the muscles and have balanced weight maintenance, for pregnancy and postnatal and for therapeutic and recovery needs for healthy aging.

“When we are not seeking excitement, life becomes exciting in a very deep way. It is joy without excitement. Then when excitement comes, it is not like a rushing river but like deep still water. There is hardly any movement on the surface.”
— Yoga Amrit Desai