Life Coach

Invite happiness into your daily journey.

Yoga was originally taught with one teacher and one student.  There are numerous reasons in today‚Äôs world to begin a practice in this tradition.  You may be looking for a method to release stress in your day, need direction in your life, or fear and uncertainty are holding you back.  Using the steady and consistent methods of Yoga, we make you feel comfortable as we get to the issues and navigate through them to create a workable resolution for your interests, passions and goals. Meet with Kristi Ried Barton, E-RYT, CNHP, Reiki Master, Life Coach and Nutritionist to create effective and long lasting results.  These  methods can be used in your personal and for your professional life.

 Appointments available Monday through Saturday,  8am - 8pm.   Call 864-354-2882.