Yoga was originally taught with one teacher and one student. There are numerous reasons in today’s world to begin a practice in this tradition. With over 39 years combined experience, we have taught people who have numerous limitations (which inspires us to be creative in planning your sequence!), people with limited mobility or disabilities, those in post-surgery recovery, have spinal and disk issues, athletes who are training for a big race, bodybuilding sessions, prenatal & postpartum women, those suffering anxiety or depression, and much more. We can work with your needs to find a practice that is inspiring & challenging, unique to your needs and unique circumstances. Learn how to integrate the body, mind & spirit with us. We would love to help you on your path to practice.

This synthesis of yoga and therapy has suited others to increase their overall health and well-being.  We can help you develop a better attitude and a better perspective about yourself.  We help you develop a practice that builds confidence to continue on your own.

If you would like to learn in a private environment where the focus is on your intention and your physical needs, personal sessions are for you.  We can address Food Combining and Ayurveda, Yoga philosophy, stress and sleep patterns, body discomforts and ailments, specific poses and breathing to strengthen, gain flexibility, and to heal.  Personal sessions are wonderful for understanding your current health synopsis and improving nutrition, to learn the methods to create a non-stressful and peaceful way of being, experience a Reiki session, to bring yoga poses and prana into the body through asanas and pranayama, and for those who cannot make regularly scheduled classes or would prefer more instruction or privacy during their practice. 

Contact us to schEdule your personal yoga session.