It’s Yoga! Studio Instructors

We encourage you to enjoy the various styles of classes and instructors as you increase your physical and mental fitness.  Your yoga practice will infuse you with strength, stamina, balance and flexibility while creating a life with peace, health and happiness.  The real promise of the practice of yoga is a sense of well-being that permeates every aspect of our lives. Yoga provides you with the strength and clarity to grow from the challenges which come your way. CLICK HERE to see a current schedule of classes.

Yoga is the integration of peace with yourself every moment in all areas of your life. It is the alignment of your mind, your body and your energy. Therefore it is here that solutions are revealed before there is a problem and problems are never problems.
— Guru Deva Kristi

Kristi Ried-Barton, E-RYT 500, Life Coach,  Amrit Method Yoga Therapy Counselor,  Natural Health Professional,  Reiki III Master, is founder and  director of It's Yoga! Studio™. As Life Coach and Registered Yoga Trainer with Yoga Alliance, she has been teaching yoga on a daily basis to students and clients in Upstate South Carolina for the past 25 years. Kristi combines the methods of Yoga Masters, Amrit Desai, T.K.V. Desikachar, and B.K.S. Iyengar  as well as restorative and therapeutic.

She teaches classes and personal sessions from beginners through advanced levels, pregnancy, retreats, and teacher training classes.  Kristi has classes and workshops throughout the Upstate through the hospitals, clinics and physical therapists working with cancer, cardiac rehabilitation, multiple sclerosis and therapeutic needs.


Susan Gordon, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Instructor, E-200

Susan Gordon is certified through It's Yoga! Studio™ Teacher Training Institute practicing mindfulness as taught by Amrit Desai.  Susan also studied Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan PhD developing a practice of breath and movement to honor the wisdom and healing of the body.  With over 10 years of experience, she teaches Vinyasa Flow and Restorative classes bringing balance, flexibility and strength to body and mind.



Yogi Sharma,  Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Instructor, E-200

Yogi grew up in India, where he learned and did Yoga off and on for many years. In 2005 he switched to a gym, after jogging was not a good option for the knees. Joining Dharma Yoga Studios for regular practice in 2009 he started teaching a Yoga class associated with "Art of Living" group in Greenville. Yogi completed the 200 hour teacher training through Dharma Yoga Studios. He teaches yoga in a style that is both creative and healing, making the practice fun and playful.  Yogi believes mental, physical and spiritual advancement is available through yoga practice.

Wreen #2.jpg

Jill Wrenn,  Registered Yoga Instructor

Jill discovered the benefits of a daily yoga practice while on a women's kayaking trip in Mexico in 2011.  Starting each day with yoga and breath helped her meet the challenges of adventure travel with a clear mind and relaxed body.  Not wanting to lose this feeling of being calm and centered, Jill began a regular yoga practice upon returning home,  Her consistent yoga practice helps her to maintain an active lifestyle and calming her mind.


Amanda Barbarito, Registered Yoga Instructor 

Amanda's goal in teaching is to help everyone find something about Yoga that speaks to them, something they can embrace.  Her mindful flow classes emphasize breathing to bring focus, awareness and energy to the movements, combined with balance and calm.  She provides students with options in each pose to meet their needs and to achieve their long term goals in their Yoga practice.  Amanda received her 200 hour teacher training at Greenville Yoga and has been devoted to practicing yoga for 10 years.

Lene Villard, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Instructor, RYT200

Lene,  RYT200, has a Masters in Educational Science and Psychology.   She is certified through It’s Yoga Studio in 2004 and quickly began teaching regularly.  She lived in Germany for the last 12 years.  Lene has continued her training with Yin Yoga, Mindfulness and is currently completing Therapeutically Oriented Teacher Training.  Her experience has shown her that yoga is about the journey as so it is with life.  We adapt our yoga practice to our life. 



Angela Murphy, RYT 200 Registered Yoga Instructor

Angela graduated from teacher training in 2014.  After initially finding yoga and taking her first class noticed she felt better than when she first walked into class.  She discovered an increase in flexibility and in calmness.  It was a fun way to move her body.  She learned how to focus and to quiet her mind, allowing that still, small voice to be heard.  She believes the world would be a better place if we would all do yoga.

Maureen Kunda .jpg

Maureen Kunda, RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

Maureen completed her RYT 200 hours at Lighten Up Yoga, March 2010.  She has a variety of expertise in the Iyengar method, teaching in Charlotte, NC and in St. Marys, Georgia.  Her focus for her students is on relief from stress and pain while building strength, stamina, balance and flexibility.  Her students find peace and a sense of well-being in her classes.


Savannah Norvell, RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

Savannah studied for her certification with It's Yoga! Studio Teacher Training Institute Program, graduating March 2018.  Her desire is to give back the quality of yoga benefits to her students.  Her personality comes through in her classes as she teaches alignment, balance and the enjoyment of yoga with the healing of the poses and breath techniques.  

Debra Honore.jpg

Debra Honore, RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

Debra found a love of yoga as soon as her first class.  Her desire to learn more about yoga led her to complete teacher training in 2018.  Prior to moving to Greenville in 2016, she was an accountant with the State of Ohio.  Retired, Debra finds herself giving more to her yoga practice and sharing with everyone she meets.  She wants students to understand , no matter what your physical shape or ability, everyone can do yoga and reap the benefits. 

David Henault.jpg

David Henault, Registered Yoga Teacher

David is a 200 RYT, with his certification through Full Circle Yoga in Winter Park, Florida .  In 2004 he discovered yoga shortly after his career in creative design relocated him from Boston to Orlando, Florida.  The practice helped him deal with the stress of corporate life and to achieve personal balance. He began to do more studying on yoga and that is when the ‘yoga bug’ took hold of him.

A typical class with David is a mindful journey filled with a fusion of humor, unconventional music and peaceful energy.   Off the mat he can be found with a camera in hand photographing life, traveling the country and writing about his experiences.