Be the Author of Your Own Life

When you begin to think about your life and what you engage in daily, you realize how much or how little you may be living your authentic self.  You may be following those things laid out for you by someone else rather than being on the path that enables you to use your gifts and skills in service to yourself and to others.

When you are living your legacy it is empowering and engaging, making a lasting impact and eternally meaningful contribution on many levels. Living your truth is by design not default and has the power to spur you on to create a mindful, proactive, purposeful and fully expressed life. Your focus is on taking action around your values, passion and potential which can be a catalyst for positive, enduring change that surpasses your lifetime.

You can control your own destiny, putting aside the conditioned beliefs and assumptions. Allowing yourself to face fears and celebrate successes brings you into living life in the moment mindfully, to create a life with purpose, more fulfilled, self-aware and confident.  Begin by identifying, defining and appreciating your core values, expectations of respect and areas for which you crave personal growth. Give yourself full permission for self-expression, taking responsibility to ensure that your gift to the world will outlive and outlast your time on earth.

When you connect with yourself on the level of living fully, notice if what you are doing is either ambition and achievement or is it meaningful and fulfilling, to provide the structure, guidance and opportunity for you to discover and uncover those aspects necessary to live as a mature and authentic individual.  It is when you challenge your limiting beliefs and deeply inquire into difficult questions you begin to be the shift of a life of connection and full potential.

Posted on October 16, 2016 .