New Year, New You!

Living life to its fullest potential.  That is what most of want and think of when we begin another year.  We have the best intentions and motivations to begin the trek.  We make plans to begin an exercise routine and to change eating choices.  We are at the grocery store and choose the fresh produce and avoid canned products.  We cook at home and sit down to a wonderful meal with delectable smells in the kitchen.  We feel better.  Then somehow we become derailed only to find our way into patterns of the past, just waiting to be repeated.  It may only take a few weeks or a few months before it seems to be where we are.  So, what happens?  And why?

When we make the plans to change, it begins with a thought.  That thought becomes the feeling or emotions which then propel us into the action.  If the thought is to change from fast food into fresh food, we must see ourselves feeling great about the choice we have made.  We need to stop going to the drive-through for our meals and prepare ahead something from the grocery store which we can put together ourselves or buy from the array of salads, raw vegetables, fermented foods and low mercury fish.

It is about our health!  When we feel good, we have the energy to do the things we choose to do in our life.  We have a better quality of life.  Food is not a luxury.  It is our fuel and our medicine.  We need to be mindful about our choices and be aware of them daily.  As we age, we need less food, but we still need the nutrition.  When we have those moments of finding our plate has frozen or canned or sugary foods on it, remind yourself of the lack of nutrition it is just for the momentary pleasure on the tongue.  Is it worth the feeling of low energy, upset intestines, headaches and even illness?  Get back on track quickly and see how much better you feel!  Life in balance!

Posted on February 2, 2018 .