Benefit of Regular Practice of Yoga Poses and Deep Breathing:

Through practice, the breath becomes even and rhythmical, the mind focused and calm.  This naturally creates a harmonious inner state, the firm foundation of meditation.

Daily classes focus on poses and integration with deep relaxation, rhythmic breathing, concentration, and meditation.  Each part is integral to the practice. As you listen to the body, using the slow, deliberate movement of yoga poses, you gain a strong core body, providing benefits that range from better sleep to more energy and strength. Stay with the sequence led by the teacher. If needed, a modified pose will be given.  Use your inner guidance to honor what is best for you.

The closing deep relaxation is essential to fully absorb the benefits of the practice.  Class concludes with the palms placed together at the heart saying "Namaste," that is, "I honor the place in you where we are both one."

 Benefits of Meditation Practice:

So, you have thought about doing meditation, but not sure how to get started?  Let us help you begin a regular practice with our quality instruction to gain so much by just investing a small amount of time.  You will gain so much more.

If you want to be free of constant worry, pressure, and anxieties, while looking years younger, the benefits of yoga can give you a life that is calm, peaceful, happy, and relaxed. Practicing even 10 minutes of meditation a day will help to alleviate stress.

Meditation will:

  • Reduce anxiety, stress, and tension.
  • Release the lines and wrinkles in the face, giving you a younger look.
  • Build self-confidence.
  • Increase serotonin which influences moods and behavior.
  • Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression, headaches and insomnia.
  • Gain self-control.
  • Ability to focus and work efficiently.
  • Release negative emotions such as anger and fear.
  • Improve posture.
  • Improve personal relationships.
  • Enhance energy, strength and vigor.
  • Improve and strengthen immune system.
  • Keep blood pressure normal.
  • Reduce heart disease.
  • Assist with weight loss.
  • Strengthen the mind and increase concentration.
  • Create a state of deep relaxation and general feeling of well-being.

With regular practice, you will feel more relaxed and calm with an increase of general happiness.  Situations which normally create irritation and stress will not affect you. You will be able to be at peace with what is in your daily life.